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Parenting a teenager means thinking more in terms of influence than control—easy to say, tough to do.

Books by Dr. Mike Riera

Right from Wrong Field Guide Uncomun Sense Surviving High School

Just released March 2002 — the new collaboration between Dr. Mike Riera and Joseph DiPrisco, Ph.D.,
Right From Wrong: Instilling a Sense of Integrity in Your Child.

Field Guide to the American Teenager by Michael Riera, Ph.D. and Joseph DiPrisco, Ph.D., was selected a top parenting book of 2000 by both Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

Uncommon Sense for Parents With Teenagers by Michael Riera, Ph.D., will help parents better understand their teenagers and improve communications.

Surviving High School by Mike Riera will help teenagers and their parents navigate these crucial years with exercises that develop critical-thinking skills.


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Staying Commected With Your Teenager

Mike's most recent book is Staying Connected To Your Teenager, and has already been featured on Oprah and has appeared on several bestseller lists.

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