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Dr. Mike Riera Biography

Mike Riera, Ph.D., is one of the country’s foremost authorities on understanding children and teenagers in Los Angeles, CA. The cornerstone of his philosophy for parents with teenagers is having parents shift from being managers in their teenagers’ lives to becoming their consultants.

His latest book, Staying Connected To Your Teenager, (Perseus, 2003), has already appeared on several bestseller lists and was written as the follow-up to his first book, Uncommon Sense For Parents With Teenagers. The book has also been featured on Oprah.

He is the author of four books on the subject, beginning with his groundbreaking release, Uncommon Sense for Parents With Teenagers (Ten Speed Press, 1995), which established Mike’s reputation for providing no-nonsense, practical advice for parents in understanding their teens. The second edition of this book, with several new chapters, will be released in October of 2004.

This early success was followed with two more acclaimed books: Surviving High School (Ten Speed Press, 1997) addressed teenagers directly; A Field Guide to the American Teenager (Perseus, 2000), written together with Joe DiPrisco, Ph.D., was selected as one of the top parenting books of 2000 by both Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. Mike’s most recent collaboration with Joe DiPrisco is Right From Wrong: Instilling a Sense of Integrity in Your Child (Perseus Books, 2002).

Mike Riera appears regularly on television shows about parenting: He was the host of the award winning show, Life in Progress, on Oxygen cable network and was the parenting correspondent for the CBS Saturday Early Show for seven years.

Mike speaks nationally to various groups of parents and teenagers.



Top Ranked Books

Dr. Mike Riera in Los Angeles, CA has been writing books on parenting, children and teenagers for many years. His books have helped many families and received good reviews. The following are
some of

Staying Connectd to Your Teenager||||

Staying Connected To Your Teenager: How to Keep Them Talking to you and How to Hear What They’re Really Saying

Mike’s most recent book, Staying Connected To Your Teenager: How To Keep Them Talking To You And How To Hear What They're Really Saying, was released in 2003 and has garnered strong reviews.

Uncommon Sense for Parents with Teenagers Learning from Difficult Conversations

My experience is that, if we are willing to see patterns in how we handle difficult conversations and decisions, we are then able, with courage, to make changes to those patterns when they are ineffective or there are better ways. Say you have a tendency to take something personally and get defensive when having a conversation with a parent, colleague, or student. Changing this pattern requires time, patience, and persistence –– and this happens in three distinct stages: - See more at: http://www.nais.org/Magazines-Newsletters/ISMagazine/Pages/Learning-from-Difficult-Conversations.aspx#sthash.NYhLMTxn.dpuf

Learning from Difficult Conversations||||

In the first stage, we notice we have gotten defensive and taken comments personally after we have made a tough decision or had a difficult conversation. At times, this happens days later upon reflection; at other times, it occurs just moments afterwards. But in both cases, it is too late to do anything about it.

In the second stage, we recognize our patterned behavior as it happens, but we are unable to change our responses. (This happens to most of us as parents interacting with our children, especially when they are teenagers.) We know what to do, but we are unable to stop ourselves and do it.

In the final stage, we liberate ourselves by recognizing the emergence of the pattern. We notice it before acting out and are therefore able to make a conscious decision to behave in a different, more productive way. We know we have a choice, and we exercise it.

Uncommon Sense for Parents with Teenagers

Uncommon Sense for Parents with Teenagers||||

Uncommon Sense for Parents with Teenagers (Celestial Arts, 1995) by Michael Riera, Ph.D., will help parents better understand their teenagers and assist them in strengthening the communication essential to a healthy relationship.

Adolescence is too often misunderstood as a phase to be dreaded instead of enjoyed. Dr. Michael Riera’s appreciation for this special developmental stage of life via his non-patronizing approach to teenagers sets this book far and above the rest.

Uncommon Sense means:

  • Communicate indirectly
  • Embrace estrangement
  • Expect inconsistency
  • Finally, relax and don’t take it personally!
  • Forget heart-to-heart talks
  • Give your kid a non-alcoholic “cocktail” hour to decompress after a long, hard day
  • Let your kid do some of the worrying
  • Let your teenager brood
  • Resist giving advice, even when your teenager asks for it

“This book offers a wealth of down-to-earth and practical advice. No detached academic author here! Dr. Riera is in the trenches with lots of hands-on experience to pass on to frustrated parents and teens alike.” - Dr. Dean Edell

Right From Wrong

Right from Wrong||||

Right From Wrong: Instilling a Sense of Integrity in Your Child (Perseus Books, March 2002) by Michael Riera, Ph.D. and Joseph DiPrisco, Ph.D., is a wise and reassuring guide to fostering integrity in young children.

Does your child have a conscience? Is he remorseful when caught in a lie? Integrity does not happen simply as a result of unconditional love, healthy genes, or good luck. It emerges - if it does - because parents make it a priority to exercise influence in this arena.

Right From Wrong combines stories of children experiencing the day-to-day struggles of growing up, along with compassionate, in-depth analysis and pragmatic counsel. This book makes nurturing the qualities of integrity tangible to parents and others who are actively involved in guiding a child’s moral life.

Through the authors’ discerning eyes we witness children as they experience loss or sadness, react to sibling rivalries, schoolyard violence and academic pressures, or even as they interact at the dinner table. The ways in which parents use listening, praise, discipline, honesty and consequences to react to these situations reinforces a child’s sense of right and wrong. From these choices readers will learn valuable lessons about a parent’s power to nurture character and morality in young children.

Field Guide to the American Teenager

Field Guide to the American Teenager (Perseus Publishing 2000) by Michael Riera, Ph.D. and Joseph DiPrisco, Ph.D., dramatizes events in the lives of teenagers based on the authors’ years of experience talking to adolescents without their parents around. Subjects run the gamut of the often emotionally confusing teen life. In each experience, the authors point out the developmental issues at play and the deeper levels of significance and meaning for the adolescent.

Field Guide to The American Teenager||||

“2000 Editors’ Choice: Top Ten Parenting & Family Book of the Year” - Amazon.com

“Best Parenting and Family Books of 2000” - BarnesandNoble.com

“Smart and Sensitive.” - Time Magazine.

“With their refreshingly honest and reassuring approach, the authors take parents inside the teen brain—and heart—for a guided tour.”
- Christina Ferrari, Managing Editor, Teen People Magazine.

“A highly recommended resource to be consulted again and again.”
- Dr. Dean Edell

“The common sense advice keeps you grounded and the psychological and social analysis keeps you fascinated.”
- Farai Chideya, host of Pure Oxygen.

“A treasure trove of meaningful advice for parents with teenagers... will lead to real understanding and improved relationships with all the teens in our lives.” - Michael Gurian, author of The Good Son.

Surviving High School

Surviving High School (Celestial Arts, 1997) by Mike Riera, Ph.D., is the book you can give to teenagers now. Written in a lively dialogue format, with a decidedly hip but responsible tone, Mike Riera strikes the balance between guidance and choice.

Surviving High School||||

Counselor Mike Riera has worked with students for over 19 years. In Surviving High School he speaks directly to students about the situations and changes they will face both during and immediately after high school. Interspersed with Mike’s down-to-earth, practical guidance are the words of teens who offer their own points of view and experiences with the issues facing high school students.

Exercises on each subject aid students in developing their own spirit and instill critical-thinking and decision-making skills. Surviving High School will help teenagers and their parents successfully navigate the crucial years of high school.

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